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6 data tools to track your region’s recovery

While footfall has recovered on some UK high streets, others are still lagging behind pre-pandemic levels


Karl Tomusk

Coming out of the depths of the pandemic, our cities and towns have started to rebound – but the level of recovery has varied from place to place.

Whether people return to the office or return to the cinema depends on local circumstances, which can have a significant impact on homeowners’ decision-making.

PlaceTech brings together six dashboards of data from around the world to help you visualize footfall, economic activity and other metrics in the places that matter to you and your business.

Great streets of the UK

Center for High Street Recovery Cities

Last name | High Street Recovery Tracker

Creator | Center of towns

Covered pitches | 63 towns and cities across the UK

Notable Features

  • Top 10 changes in high street footfall and spending from pre-lockdown levels
  • Measures of overall recovery, spending, downtown worker count, weekend activity, and nighttime activity
  • Ability to select and filter locations to compare across a number of metrics

Last update | August 11, 2021

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European recovery

Eurostat Recovery Tracker

Last name | European Statistical Recovery Scoreboard

Creator | Eurostat

Covered pitches | Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland

Notable Features

  • Interactive charts to compare countries or groups of countries on a wide range of measures
  • Economic data (GDP, inflation, electricity consumption, public debt, etc.)
  • Business data (retail, tourism, imports/exports, bankruptcy filings, etc.)
  • Data on people and work (excess mortality, unemployment, air quality, etc.)

Last update | August 2021

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Retail trade and tourism in the United States

Placer Ai Recovery Tracker

Last name | Covid-19 Recovery Dashboard

Creator |

Covered pitches | U.S. States, Counties, Cities, ZIP Codes, and Business Improvement Districts

Notable Features

  • Covers retail and domestic tourism recovery (workplace recovery data under development)
  • Interactive heat map and time series
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Trade stimulus data by type (fashion, food, leisure, etc.)

Last update: August 18, 2021

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Resumption of the American subway

Brookings Metro Recovery Tracker

Last name | Metropolitan Recovery Index

Creator | Brookings Institution

Covered pitches | 192 metropolitan areas with at least 250,000 inhabitants

Notable Features

  • Real estate metrics (listings, listing price, business vacancies)
  • Labor market and economic activity data (jobs, employment, small business hours, etc.)
  • Side-by-side comparisons of all metropolitan areas (filtered by size)
  • Detailed, economic and real estate work for each metropolitan area

Last update | May 2021

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Global mobilityGoogle Mobility Trends

Last name | Covid-19 Community Mobility Reports

Creator | google

Covered pitches | Global (granularity depends on location)

Notable Features

  • Tracks traffic changes in multiple areas: retail, grocery/pharmacy, parks, transit, workplaces, homes
  • Data available in PDF or spreadsheet format

Latest update | August 19, 2021

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Mondial economy

Deloitte Recovery Tracking

Last name | Deloitte Covid-19 Economic Monitor

Creator | Deloitte

Pitches covered | A mix of countries (with a focus on UK statistics)

Notable Features

  • A range of mainly economic and financial measures (consumer confidence, inflation, GDP, job vacancies, profit margins, etc.) and forecasts
  • Covid statistics (cases, vaccinations, hospitalizations)
  • Climate change data: emissions, temperature, electricity sources

Last update | August 18, 2021

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