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Best Online Courses in Data Governance

Since the morning, most of the activities you would have carried out contain data, whether it is browsing your social networks or receiving personalized information in your email; he has data in his heart. But to ensure accurate and secure insight from data, it is important to govern it properly. Data governance practices are about understanding business data and ensuring that it is free from potential risks while generating insight. It is becoming increasingly important for data scientists and business leaders to master data governance frameworks and techniques to ensure the security of AI in the future. This article lists some of the best data governance courses of varying lengths for beginners and experts.

Data governance is a subset of data management. While most of the courses described here do not cover data management as a whole, enthusiasts can refer to a full background provided by Deep learning of the full stack.

Udemy: Data governance

Udemy’s Data Governance course is a basic program for beginners. The course is aimed at business leaders wishing to get involved in the workspace dataset. The 150-minute video on demand covers several topics covering data governance, the popular framework, data governance implementation, the roles of the framework, and governance best practices to follow. Students will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

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Intermediate Level: Learning Data Governance on LinkedIn

Taught by Dr Jonathan Reichental, LinkedIn’s Learning Data Governance course is a mid-level program for bringing data management to the workplace. Reichental holds a doctorate in computer science, a post for which he was a professor at various universities. In this course, he discusses data governance, its role in the emerging areas of knowledge graphics, AI, and IoT, and how it can support organizations in their compliance and risk reduction efforts. Finally, individuals will be trained in the management, monitoring and measurement of data governance efforts within their organization.

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Microsoft 365: Manage governance and compliance

One of the most in-depth 4-hour courses in data governance, this program is hosted by Microsoft. Instructor Liam Cleary is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft MVP. Throughout the course, it moves into the Manage Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance area of ​​the Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (MS-101) exam. This program studies tools designed to manage the content lifecycle and comply with legal or regulatory standards by teaching important governance and compliance tools and features and how to use them to protect information within Microsoft 365. From Plus, Cleary also recommends configuring tools in data loss prevention. (DLP) and Azure Information Protection.

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Data Governance and Stewardship Professional

the Data Governance and Stewardship Professional is a certification program organized by the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals. The choice of multi-level certifications ranges from an exam to 1,400 hours of experience, validating expertise in data governance, with an emphasis on availability, usability, consistency, integrity and security of data. data. Credentials are available at the Executive, Principal, Masters, Associate Practitioner, and Professional Foundation Assistant of Data Governance levels.

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SAP master data governance

An entry level qualification to associate level, the SAP Data Governance course is a certified course consisting of a final exam that validates that a candidate has the foundational and basic knowledge required for the Application Consultant profile. In addition, it ensures that the person has detailed technical knowledge to participate in a mentoring or team role. The final exam covers data governance, data quality and analysis, data replication, and key mapping.

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Data Governance at Duke University, Coursera

Led by Duke University on Coursera, the Cloud Data Engineering program consists of a comprehensive module on data governance. Taught by Noah’s gift, a professor at Duke and co-author of several books, including AWS, the course examines best practices in data governance. In addition, it involves hands-on experience by having students create a serverless data engineering system. Finally, the course studies in detail data governance with reference to AWS models.

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Pennsylvania State University

The University of Pennsylvania offers an AI Governance module for its AI for Business specialization. The AI ​​Governance course details AI strategies and tools to create responsible AI governance algorithms while dealing with large datasets in enterprises. He studies AI in organizations, the risks that accompany it, strategies for recognizing biases in data and the construction of a responsible governance strategy. Four professors from different departments teach the course.

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UC Berkeley

Taught by UC Berkeley in their data strategy course, data governance occupies an important module. The course identifies creating the greatest value from data while adhering to data governance practices. Their data strategy manual enables organizations to balance data opportunities with data governance. More than three professors and several visiting faculties teach this through real case studies from Target and Samsung. The course is aimed at senior technology executives, data managers and IT consultants.

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