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Cybercops! Kerala Police set to receive training on AI and data analysis

Kerala Police, reputed to be one of the most tech-savvy bureaus in India, is now getting its hands on disruptive artificial intelligence and data analytics technologies to stay abreast of the curve in this era of meta-transformation. Digital University Kerala, India’s first campus-based digital university, will assist them in this department.

A specially created training program, Capacity Building in Responsible Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Police Department, was officially launched at the DUK campus in Pallippuram last week, a statement said.

At the program’s inauguration, Inspector General of Police (South Zone) P Prakash claimed that the department is currently working on new software, iCoPS, to take advantage of the large volume of crime data available in the Crime Criminal Tracking Network & System (CCTNS). Applying data analytics and AI tools would allow the department to build software features essential for next-generation policing.

Kerala Police to go high-tech

The end result of all this training is to reduce the workload of officers in police stations, enabling them to provide better services to citizens. Saji Gopinath, Vice-Chancellor of DUK, said this program honors the next level of e-governance. Moreover, this is when officials begin to optimize processes, allowing government to be more predictive and intelligent, or in other words, intelligent, he added.

“We are looking at a series of projects for various government departments which are much more in-depth and practical with technology as a major element. We are very happy to start this series with Kerala Police Department,” Gopinath was quoted as saying. as the Economic Times puts it.

K Kerala State IT Mission Director Snehil Kumar Singh also shared his thoughts on the AI ​​and data analytics initiative and said it might look very futuristic; however, the reality is that people are dealing with the possibilities of using these technologies in governance.

The training program includes 150 hours of classroom sessions that industry experts and researchers would run. The statement added that up to 15 selected officers from the police department would undergo the first batch of training.

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