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DBM and RDA team up to launch new data tools

March 21, 2022

In Australia, financial services consulting and analytics firm DBM Consultants has partnered with geospatial specialist RDA Research to launch audience mapping and research tools; add variables to databases; and adding and profiling large databases.

DBM Atlas, the flagship brand of DBM Consultants, contains hundreds of thousands of behavioral profiles of Australian financial services clients and conducts tens of thousands of retail client surveys each year. RDA Research has developed a process to create synthetic populations and enrich them with information from market research surveys and government microdata. Using its geoTribes Consumer Intelligence platform, clients can use consumer data modeled from these synthetic populations alongside segmentations to perform data enhancement, market planning and targeting.

The first new feature is DBM geoAtlas Explorer, which integrates over 500 DBM Atlas variables including product holding, intent and consideration for deposits, cards, loans, insurance and wealth. The second, a drag-and-drop self-service tool called DBM geoAtlas + Quick Append, can be used to add Atlas variables to client and survey databases. Finally, DBM geoAtlas + Living insights offers the ability to add and profile databases of over 20,000 records.

Kipling Zubevich (pictured), CEO of DBM Consultants, comments: “DBM Atlas is the most comprehensive financial services database of its kind in Australia, comprising over 80,000 respondents a year. Our partnership with RDA Research will provide access to exclusive and unique data and insights for marketing, media and information professionals.

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