ENPICOM launches a versatile display data analysis solution

New IGX-Track App Adds Seamless Analysis of Antibody Panning Campaigns to the IGX Platform

ENPICOM, an innovative bioinformatics software company, announced the upcoming expansion of the capabilities of the IGX platform to unlock seamless analysis of antibody panning data. This major development will allow researchers to analyze antibody display data intuitively and visually, easily perform multi-dataset comparisons, and identify a diverse set of enriched candidates with the best traits.

“Our customer-centric approach to product development gives us a close-up view of the complex analytical workflows required for antibody display screening and how a single, scalable tool can dramatically improve analysis speed and quality of the selected candidates,” said Jos Lunenberg, co-founder and CEO of ENPICOM. “Due to limited and inefficient workflows, researchers often have to discard the vast majority of available NGS data and focus on a small group of the most frequent clones. We are launching the new IGX-Track app so our customers can watch beyond the tip of the iceberg and make informed decisions with a complete view of their data Custom analysis workflows and visualizations can be created with just a few clicks so scientists can simply select better antibodies faster. “

Enable streamlined enrichment analysis

Display technologies enable antibody discovery by screening millions of candidates against potential targets. By including different panning conditions and a variety of antigens, researchers can obtain a robust candidate pool with diverse binding profiles. However, complex analysis workflows – including operations such as intersecting, joining or subtracting datasets – that correspond to the design of the panoramic campaign are required to take full advantage of the powerful combination of NGS and display filtering.

The new IGX-Track application extends the antibody discovery capabilities of the IGX platform and provides a fast and flexible way to discover a diverse set of candidates enriched with the best characteristics. Scientists can effortlessly compose enrichment analysis workflows that match the design of their panning campaigns and uncover candidates that would otherwise have been overlooked.

Scientists using IGX-Track on the IGX platform will be able to:

  • Track clones through scenic rounds to identify highly enriched candidates with tabular views and user-defined interactive visualizations.
  • Freely join, intersect and subtract numerous datasets to match your panoramic campaign design.
  • Expand their analysis beyond the most common clones with the platform’s scalable and NGS-enabled architecture.
  • Easily subtract irrelevant antibodies identified under control panning conditions from on-target enriched candidates.
  • Make informed choices while avoiding bias by overlaying accurate liability forecasts, analytics data, and more. on enrichment charts.

The company will launch the new feature at the Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics conference on June 8 in Amsterdam.

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