‘GST’s online system assisting in data analysis and evasion detection’

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Neerav Kumar Mallick, Commissioner (Audit) CGST Indore Commissioner, said that with the roll out of the GST system, the time has come when the taxpayer has to change his tax evasion mentality because the tax evasion penalty and interest relating thereto are very high. Due to the online system, data intelligence, etc., all the track stays with the department, which makes it easier to detect the GST evasion.

Mallick was addressing as a keynote guest in a capacity building program on the CA auditorium held by TPS. It was organized jointly by the audit department of the CGST and the GST and indirect taxation committee of the ICAI.

Mallick said the department’s intent was never to harass taxpayers who pay taxes due on time. They don’t need to panic.

He said that in times to come, the role of the GST audit will be much more important than the action of raids and investigations, and the type of tax recovery that is emerging from the audit at present is commendable. . The audit has never been a means of collecting taxes, its purpose is to ensure compliance with all provisions and to discover errors. In many cases, the taxpayer was paying less tax by mistake, but this was noticed at the time of the audit.

ICAI Central Council Member Kirti Joshi informed that the GST audit notices have started coming in very quickly and the GST audit is trying to determine if the calculation of turnover, input tax credit and tax payable by the merchant is correct or not. The GST audit increases voluntary compliance by taxpayers.

Anand Jain, President of CA Indore Branch, said that the GST law has undergone many changes in five years and due to the workload, sometimes major changes are not taken into account and sometimes the law is interpreted differently. This kind of program provides an opportunity to get to know both the ministry side and the taxpayer side.

On this occasion, Additional Commissioners MP Meena and Virendra Jain, Deputy Director Sunil Sahu, Atishay Khasgiwala, Amitesh Jain, Mausam Rathi, Swarnim Gupta etc. were present.