Jorge Zuiga Blanco discusses data analysis for digital marketing

Data analysis in digital marketing involves researching the markets that reveal key information about the preferences of its target audience. Through digital marketing, we may collect data of all kinds, such as psychological, behavioral and user interaction data with social networks. Jorge Zuiga Blanco, entrepreneur and business expert from Costa Rica, explains the importance of data analytics in digital marketing.

Thanks to the different tools offered by digital marketing, we can combine the results of data analysis to obtain a complete description of a certain type of user. If our analysis of the data has been successful, we will be able to distinguish the products that arouse the consumer’s interest and those that go unnoticed. In this way, we are able to define and improve our digital marketing strategy to cover the maximum number of people with as many tastes as possible and interests of our target customers.

In an increasingly competitive environment, all businesses want to excel at collecting and analyzing consumer data, while still complying with data protection law and obtaining that information in a user-friendly way. Advertising and digital marketing help us create methods to reach the consumer of our products in a non-invasive and controlled manner, with the personalization of services being a growing trend. It is necessary to show the consumer information that he cannot find by himself and which must interest him.

Every day we process so much information that we don’t even realize it. We obtain and give information through clicks and likes, by sharing on social networks, by subscribing to channels or by commenting on blogs or videos.

Says Zuiga, The term Big Data describes the large volume of data, including structured and unstructured, that businesses must manage in the digital age. The use of big data and data analytics helps companies optimize their processes and predict future problems.

For its part, data science is the science that studies data, is responsible for extracting information from Big Data, and then interprets it and applies it, for example, to digital marketing. Hence, the concept of Data Science is included in Big Data.

Marketing is a fundamental department in all companies, and which, together with data analysis, becomes essential in any company that wants to grow. With the use of Big Data, it is possible to predict the tastes and interests of consumers in order to offer a better experience and therefore to build loyalty to their brand. From the data provided by Big Data, it is necessary to extract useful information for strategic decision-making.

In digital marketing, adds Zuiga, data is obtained from many sources such as mobile devices and installed applications, social networks, online stores, websites, customer relationship management systems or web traffic analysis tools such as Google Analytics. With the proper use of data science, we can gain crucial insights and achieve levels of market segmentation and user interaction that we could not achieve through traditional marketing.

The main advantage of data analysis is that subsequent decision making is supported by objective data. These decisions lead to a series of advantages such as: Carrying out specific campaigns, adjusting prices according to demand, customizing the characteristics of services to customer needs, better inventory management, faster delivery, more customers loyalty and, therefore, greater profitability for your business.

Today, thanks to the data obtained by companies, we can establish the location of online advertising and to whom we want to show it. We can choose which websites our display ads will appear on and what type of ads will appear depending on the page. We can optimize results much more since we segment advertising more effectively according to the interests of the user of a certain website.

About Jorge Zuiga Blanco

Jorge Zuiga Blanco is a leading e-commerce expert who has provided his services to growing organizations around the world. He has a diverse background in industries under his belt, which gives him the ability to build relationships and contribute to business owners in a variety of markets. He has over 20 years of experience in the e-commerce industry and for the past nine years has dedicated his expertise and knowledge to helping executives and managers grow their businesses.

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