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SqlDBM and DataQG Announce Partnership to Promote Data Governance Best Practices

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SQLDBM is pleased to announce a new partnership with DataQG, a community-driven data governance resource platform. As a leading partner with a disruptive approach working alongside thought leaders, DataQG will collaborate with SqlDBM on various initiatives and campaigns in the area of ​​data governance – a strategic focus for both organizations.

As Growth Manager for SqlDBM, Anna Abramova, said, “I’ve always seen our tool as more than just modeling. We’re an all-in-one cloud-based platform whose features are… “extend to documentation, discovery and collaboration. In other words: governance. That’s why I’m so happy to be able to draw on the expertise of DataQG to help integrate more best practices in the governance of data in our tool.

Due to SqlDBM’s extensive support for on-premises databases and cloud-based solutions such as Snowflake Data Cloud, coupled with active engagement from the data community, SqlDBM has been fortunate to maintain momentum. constantly on the needs of the data community. The partnership with DataQG will allow SqlDBM to reach an even wider audience of governance practitioners and thought leaders.

Cloud data platforms like Snowflake are constantly evolving and releasing new governance features like tags and data masking. SqlDBM has never lost sight of such functionality on its technical roadmap, but understanding the needs and requirements of the governance community is equally important. We are confident that we can achieve these goals with the help of the DataQG team and their passionate community.


SqlDBM’s mission is to provide a modern cloud-based modeling solution that allows customers to layout or build their business warehouse without writing a single line of code. SqlDBM supports major cloud-based database vendors like Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Redshift, and on-premises solutions like Postgres and SQL Server. Using an online visual interface, users can reverse engineer their entire database, create new objects, make changes, and add properties without writing SQL. SqlDBM provides additional features that facilitate data governance, data discovery (data dictionary), DevOps and CI/CD, and communication between business and technical users.

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