Verint cloud platform enables compliance logging and engagement data analysis for Zoom users

MELVILLE, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Verint® (Nasdaq: VRNT), the customer engagement companylaunched a new native integration as part of the Verint Cloud Platform for Zoom meetings and Zoom phone interactions with Verint Engagement Data Management (EDM) ‒ a single, open solution to help create a multi-source data hub for customer interaction and experience data that is recorded or captured from any system, channel or mode of communication.

For the rapidly growing community of businesses that rely on Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings for their unified communications, this new integration will provide a quick and easy way to consolidate recorded Zoom interactions with customer interactions and feedback data. from other sources. Verint EDM will store and harmonize this data with interaction and experience data from other enterprise systems, increasing efficiency and reducing the expense of separate transformation and combination from various data silos. Verint EDM also gives organizations additional depth and enrichment to understand customer engagement and generates insights to manage compliance and improve business operations more effectively.

Ventana Research analysts agree that organizations face challenges in making their interaction data useful. According to a recent research note, The Science of Managing Interaction Data, older models focused on voice-based contact center interactions, whereas today many interactions also incorporate digital channels. While contact centers provide a partial view of customer relationships, a data hub collects the context surrounding customer interactions and experience, making them more actionable. The report goes on to say that interaction data has the potential to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

“Verint’s native EDM integration with the Zoom platform means Verint customers can instantly include recorded data in their customer engagement analysis,” said David Singer, vice president, go-to-market strategy, Verint. “All of this data ultimately contributes to an organization’s approach to total quality by creating a more comprehensive understanding of customer interactions across all engagement channels to make more effective business decisions and ensure compliance.”

This launch follows the recent announcement of the integration between Verint Financial Compliance and Zoom.

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